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“Tepper Isn’t Going Out” by Calvin Trillin – urban fiction at its very best!

Reading about cities (see previous post) caused me to grab this old favorite off the shelf. This short novel is a paean to New York City and its residents. The hero is a mild mannered businessman who develops an eccentric hobby. He hunts for and occupies parking spaces even though he rents space in a garage to avoid the endless business of moving the car from one legal spot to another. Unintentionally, he attracts attention and polarizes public opinion. In this novel, Trillin pokes fun at almost everyone. My kind of humor. Read it when you want to cheer up.

My first exposure to Trillin was his book Alice, Let’s Eat, which left me weak with laughter. Now he writes satirical political verse for The Nation. Thank you, Calvin Trillin, for years of wonderful writing!