I’ve kept journals of one sort or another since I was about fifteen. The one with the most continuity has been my private journal, and private it will stay. Other journals have involved travel, gardening, gratitude (two fat notebooks), specific topics (like the war in Iraq) and BOOKS. My reading journal was never intended to be private, but how much is going to be shared from scribblings in a spiral bound notebook? So I switched my reading journal to WordPress. Hello!

Soon I will have been blogging for 2 years. I’ve published about 175 posts and, according to WordPress, I have 99 followers. I wish they would leave more comments! But I’m enjoying myself.

I find there are many things I want to write about in addition to books. I’ve blogged about movies, public hearings and lectures, and occasional random thoughts and impulses. Now I’m asking myself how much needs to be “hidden” in my personal journal. Complaints and gossip…

Please keep reading!


2 thoughts on “About

    1. My blog can only be improved by the occasional excursion into another language! Thanks, Karin!

      Anyone else? French? Dutch? I am putting on airs… the Dutch is limited to the occasional curse…

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