I’ve kept journals of one sort or another since I was about fifteen. (I’m now past retirement age.) The journal with the most continuity has been my private journal, and private it will stay. Other journals have involved:

  • travel
  • gardening
  • gratitude (two fat notebooks)
  • specific topics (like the war in Iraq)

My reading journal was never intended to be private, but how much is going to be shared from half-legible scribblings in a spiral bound notebook? So I switched my reading journal to WordPress. Hello!

I have been blogging since 2013!

I wish my (relatively few) readers would leave more comments! I would love it if more of my friends blogged.

I’m enjoying myself. I find there are many things I like to write about in addition to books. I’ve blogged about:

  • movies
  • public hearings
  • lectures and concerts
  • occasional random thoughts and impulses
  • the occasional high volume RANT

I ask myself how much needs to be “hidden” in my personal journal. Complaints and gossip…

Please keep reading!


4 thoughts on “About

    1. My blog can only be improved by the occasional excursion into another language! Thanks, Karin!

      Anyone else? French? Dutch? I am putting on airs… the Dutch is limited to the occasional curse…

  1. Drawing Fire: Pawnee, artist, and Thunderbird in World War II

    Hello, and thank you for commenting on Drawing Fire. The memoir began by Echohawk’s own hand in the early 1990’s. The work was not taken from his sketches as some would believe. The army determined early on that: Echohawk had total recall of events. This would put him in a special sabotage unit code named-Mistretta. He began having me write and take notes in around 1998. Through my notes, and his unfinished memoir, I added the combat sketches to create Drawing Fire, the only work of it’s kind.

    Historians and researchers have speculated about what became known as the “Indian company” is know in print. The men from Company B were a group of various tribes, cowboys and roughnecks. What few know is the language used was a code developed at Chilocco Indian Boarding School where my mother attended. The code was multilinguistic. Each tribe used their tribal identity, a turkey or wolf, that identified them to the other tribes. This was the only code of it’s kind and was developed on the grounds of Chilocco where these young men were given radios and maps, and trained to use them in battle like conditions, preparing them for actual combat. Echohawk was an amazing person and like a father to myself. Working at his request to complete the work, giving the honor due to the men he lost, and were wounded you will find nothing like this work.

    kind regards,
    Mark R Ellenbarger
    author, Drawing Fire

    1. Thank you for getting in touch! “Drawing Fire” deserves to be widely read. I will try to post my review on Amazon, but that can be difficult. Amazon likes to “verify purchase”, but I got the book from my public library. I found the language aspects of “Drawing Fire” fascinating.

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