“Blowback” by Valerie Plame and Sarah Lovett

Blowback (Vanessa Pierson series Book 1) by [Valerie Plame, Sarah Lovett]

This book, published in 2013, is in the “thriller” genre, according to one of the reviews on the back cover. (I thought it might be a “spy novel” or an “action thriller”.)

Blowback is also thinly disguised autobiography. I’m curious about its publication history. Maybe the CIA attempted to block it. Didn’t find any information at first glance.

Heroine Vanessa Pierson is a driven CIA employee working in deep cover, the kind who can expect NO help from the US government if things go wrong. Which they do, regularly. Our heroine is an over-the-top adrenaline junkie.

Blowback moves at breakneck speed. The writing is crisp and vivid. If you want to be distracted, it’s just right.

I particularly admired a plot twist near the end, that cranked up my interest. 

A book with two authors always makes me wonder, so of course I’m curious who wrote how much. I’ll check out Sarah Lovett and see what I think. Maybe she wrote it all!

Blowback managed to have both a satisfying resolution and the set-up for sequel called Burned. I’ll read Burned (also by Plame and Lovett) if the Library has it.

PS: Yes, I found Burned. The same high energy and fast pace as Blowback. The ending is plainly written to permit a sequel, major cliffhanger stuff, but no sequel has appeared. I wonder which author decided to end the collaboration? Maybe Lovett prefers to continue writing about New Mexico, the setting of her novels featuring forensic psychologist Dr. Sylvia Strange I wish the best to these two very dynamic authors! I’m not always in the mood to read thrillers, but when I am, I’ll know where to turn.


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