“The Beginning: A Laugh-out-loud satire (Jessica Christ Book 1)” by H. Claire Taylor

The Beginning: A laugh-out-loud satire (Jessica Christ Book 1)

I suspect H. Claire Taylor is channeling Terry Pratchett (RIP). Taylor lives in Austin, the city with the motto “Keep Austin Weird”. She’s having fun doing her part. Her website says she has two series for a total of 23 books. Sounds like she also writes comedy…

Jessica Christ is Jesus’s half sister, God’s second born child. She lives with her swinging mother in a small West Texas town. God speaks to her but often fails to answer important questions. This book runs from Jessica’s birth until high school. Much of it is, indeed, laugh out loud funny.

Jessica learns at the age of 5 that she has the ability to SMITE. As in “smite them, O Lord!”. Fortunately her first use of this power destroys a passing pigeon, rather than the school yard bully who is bothering her. The incident earns her considerable respect, but she knows better than to smite upon minor provocation.

This a good book to load onto my phone to provide odd moments of distraction. 

A good laugh is hard to find!


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