Sign of the Times

I was idling in the Library parking lot, waiting for a meeting to begin, when I saw a bird flying over the tree line a few hundred feet away. It seemed to be flying in an unusually straight and steady line. I reached for binoculars.

Then I saw it flash a light! I did a quick mental search for birds with lights… Nothing…

It was a DRONE, of course!

I watched it turn and fly towards me. There was an event underway at the Police Station nearby. Squad cars were lining up. Officers appeared to be in dress uniforms. Perhaps there was a funeral?

The drone came closer and circled. I realized it was being used to photograph the assembly of police. After a few passes, it landed. The person controlling it was right beside the police station.

A drone really is the ultimate toy. Everybody wants one.

I guess this is something bird watchers and others will have to get used to. The first time a drone sets a package on my doorstep, I may freak out. Or check out, drifting into some altered state that will get me out of this decade where I sometimes feel like I don’t belong.


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