Piano Adoption

I’m downsizing! Or at least trying… It’s not that I’m planning to move, only that the arrangements and furnishings that have worked for so many years need to be re-thought for retirement.

Having a piano was fun, but a few years ago I injured my wrists, so I can no longer play. No one in my family needs a piano. I’d heard they can be hard to get rid of. This is probably true if you try to SELL one.

I offered my piano to my colleagues at work, who actually number around 1000 souls, many musically inclined. Half a dozen responded to my message. My piano went to a good home! The new owner’s grandchildren will be the primary beneficiaries. I was able to hand over a few beginner level piano books.

My advice – remember that a piano cannot be harmed by playing it! Pianos are made to be pounded. (Think about what you see at a concert performance.) They are not fragile! Children can be encouraged to express themselves.

A downsizing relative has offered me an electronic keyboard. When I need to pick out a melody or find a pitch, it will do the job.


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