“The Magicians: A Novel” by Lev Grossman – book AND TV series

I know I read this book many months ago, but I can’t find it in my blog. Maybe I was embarrassed about reading “junk”? Was I away on vacation? I read it on my Kindle.

“The Magicians” is like the Harry Potter books, but takes place in the USA and at the college level (graduate school in the TV series). A bright, moody young man is recruited by Brakebill’s University of Magic, an elite training ground for the magically inclined. Most of the faculty and students have read (and obsessed over) a series of books that sound just like the The Chronicles of Narnia by CS Lewis.

I went BACK to this book after the TV series started. We watched out of curiosity, to see if the series stayed close to the books. The casting is good, but the plot diverged early and extensively. As usual for me, I prefer the books. But I’ll start watching the series again if it shows the students traveling to Antarctica as a flock of geese!

I liked The Magicians better the second time I read it, when I wasn’t hurrying along just to figure out the plot. The TV series is darker and less coherent than the book, and I lack any particular taste for the dystopian.


1 thought on ““The Magicians: A Novel” by Lev Grossman – book AND TV series

  1. Is this another book that I read and didn’t blog about? I need to get my act together! I’m working on something big, hopefully. And yes, so far the tv series appears to be kind of a mess.

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