A New Source of Books! The dentist’s office…

I found a new way to acquire used books. Go to the dentist. No kidding! My dentist’s office now includes a bookshelf marked “Free Library”. Patients are invited to take or leave a book or two

You never know what you will find in such a situation! Turns out my dentist and his patients own and read high quality books. (I mean, books that appeal to me.) A few bodice rippers tastefully mixed with Folger Shakespeare Library paperbacks and recent literary fiction.

I plunged in and immediately found three books that I wanted. What to do? I picked a book of short stories, just because that’s a genre I seldom read. Stay tuned for a review.

I may unload a few books on Dr. P’s “Free Library” shelf, but it’s going to be hard to avoid bringing home even more.


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