“Killer and Victim” by Chris Lambert

You know the expression “so many books, so little time”? It only becomes more meaningful as the years pass. I think I now qualify as a senior citizen, or senior reader, and I have given myself permission to read CASUALLY. Very casually! I used to finish any book I started… No more! And if I want to skip around, read from the back to the front, whatever, I do so.

And that’s how I read and enjoyed Chris Lambert’s Killer and Victim. It’s not very linear. It’s best read slowly. Some parts of it are devoid of paragraphs and light on punctuation, features that would bother me if I were in a hurry.

What Lambert has mastered is mood and atmosphere. The first chapter of the book was weird, creepy and totally intriguing. Lambert managed to trigger several of my phobias, like confined spaces and being separated from my cell phone. (Please don’t laugh.) I stopped to wonder just how scary the novel might be. I’m glad I kept going! After Chapter 2, I started skipping around and enjoying the adventure.

Killer and Victim is a wonderful and exciting first novel, and I look forward to further literary adventures with Chris Lambert.


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