“The Cold Moon” by Jeffery Deaver – goodbye to this author

I reviewed Deaver’s The Burning Wire in December and gave three of his books to a friend for Christmas. My friend said he enjoyed them, but mentioned that one (I think it was The Bone Collector, 1997) was “too gritty” for him, the first time he ever mentioned that problem to me. (We are talking about a man who averages four to six books a week, of all sorts.)

I started to read The Cold Moon (published 2006) and had the same reaction. Deaver’s psychopaths are terrifying. So, despite my interest in his characters and enjoyment of his writing, The Cold Moon has been relegated to my giveaway pile. I’ve only got a limited amount of brain space. Why waste it on fictional ugliness?

Recommendations for other mystery writers will be gratefully received! Sci fi, as well.


1 thought on ““The Cold Moon” by Jeffery Deaver – goodbye to this author

  1. I just read a positive review of a French detective writer called Fred Vargas. Apparently the protagonists of her novel The Three Evangelists are historians. I don’t know how gritty she might be.

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