2 thoughts on ““If Nuns Ruled the World – Ten Sisters on a Mission” by Jo Piazza

  1. Big questions! Have you ever known any nuns? How would you? But it seems like sometimes they turn up as professors in various institutions, besides the obvious Catholic colleges; my college had a “brother” on the faculty, and sometimes used a logic text written by a Sister of the Holy Cross.

  2. I can only think of two nuns among my acquaintance, neither on my list of close friends. One teaches at the College, where she bears the title Distinguished Professor of Holocaust and Genocide Studies. The other is the sister of the wife of my husband’s colleague – I never met her but know a little of her circumstances. I believe she was a teacher and is now retired.

    Actually, I know more people who were FORMERLY in religious orders! One was my uber-boss and local County Executive for several years. Another taught at the College. And one worked as Principal at the local elementary school.

    My sister sent the following after she read this post: “Your description of our upbringing and early relationship to the Catholic Church was very accurate, The only difference in my experience was that my best friend from Kindergarten, whose house I went to often that year, went to Parochial School the next year. I felt abandoned. I could not understand it and it left me feeling very negative toward an institution that would take my friend away.” I never knew this! There was more, too personal for this venue.

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