Short stories?! “Space Dreadnoughts” edited by David Drake

I don’t usually read short stories. It’s too disappointing to like a character or situation and be cut short, when further development has so much appeal.

I also read very little science fiction, and suffer from the feeling that I’m just not finding the right science fiction. In my 18 months or so of blogging, I’ve read and discussed maybe five works of sci fi.

How did I even get this book? I think one of my sons picked it up at a used bookstore, or it may have been in the spare bedroom all along.

So… why did I dive into Space Dreadnoughts, edited by David Drake (1990) with so much enthusiasm? It’s a collection of stories about battles in space. Original dates of publication range from 1940 to 1977. There’s one story each from Issac Asimov and Arthur C Clarke, both now deceased. The other authors are unfamiliar to me.

These stories have a certain anachronistic charm. Conquering space with a slide rule! They also deal as much with human nature as with technology. And that’s what appeals to me

The only familiar story was “Superiority” by Arthur C Clarke. It’s a cautionary tale about the dangerous appeal of going overboard for new technology. It should be required reading for all students of computer science!

I checked Amazon out of curiosity. Yes, you can buy a copy of Space Dreadnoughts, new or used, but it is not available for the Kindle.

Read and enjoy!


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