The Art of the Interview – Questions for Sandra Day O’Connor

My college hosted a distinguished guest this week, retired Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O’Connor. It was exciting and generated considerable buzz, but ultimately there were empty seats in the arena. Students were a minor segment of the audience.

The event was titled “A Conversation with Sandra Day O’Connor” and a “moderator” put questions to the Justice. She neither gave prepared remarks, nor answered any questions taken from the audience. I was dissatisfied by the moderator – I feel we could have learned much more about our guest. Plainly the moderator greatly admired the Justice. That’s fine. His desire to get her to recount certain anecdotes from her books was awkward.

I had been told O’Connor wouldn’t discuss Supreme Court cases or “anything controversial”. That’s okay – her decisions are undoubtedly available in the Court’s records, and why should she participate in controversy? She is 83 years old and deserves to be selective in her comments.

I wish questions from students had been solicited in advance, in writing. I’m sure they would have been interesting, and given the students a sense of participation.

So what would I have liked to hear about?

  • What does she like to read? Is there a book (or several) on her bedside table or in her suitcase during travel?
  • Growing up on a ranch, did she have animals? a favorite dog or horse?
  • What was her favorite course or teacher in high school? In College?
  • What does she wish someone had told her when she was 20 years old?
  • When did she decide to study law? What branch of law did she specialize in?
  • What “technology” does she use? Is there any technology she has decided against for her personal use?
  • Does she identify as a feminist? a role model?
  • What organizations did she join in college?

You get the idea… My son, who has worked in radio, sometimes slips into “interview mode” and elicits interesting information that others of us have missed. One year at Thanksgiving, he asked Grandaddy (my husband’s father) what Thanksgiving had been like when he was young. That triggered reminiscences that kept us entertained for an hour! He told us how to catch an alligator in a North Carolina swamp…

I checked out Sandra Day O’Connor on Facebook. She does not have a personal page, but Facebook posts information from Wikipedia. Interestingly, O’Connor is listed as “politician”, Ruth Bader Ginsberg is listed as “author” and Sonia Sotomayor as “public figure”.  Hmm…

The College is fortunate to have an endowment directed towards bringing distinguished speakers to campus. Who will be next?!


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