“Pentecost Alley” by Anne Perry

Anne Perry is an astonishingly prolific writer, with more than 50 books to her credit. I’m sure “Pentecost Alley” is not the first book of hers that I have read. She has published several series, and I think I would like to try her Christmas books and Young Adult novels. 

So what about “Pentecost Alley”? It’s good, maybe a little more complicated than I like. The atmosphere is well drawn. I don’t think it’s fair to resolve a plot with a bag of dynamite that turns up five pages from the end of the book! I wonder if her interpretation of Victorian womanhood is historically “accurate”. And WHERE did she get the title/place name, Pentecost Alley?? There’s no speaking in tongues… One character saves himself through (amateur) social work. A young woman experiences a type of redemption. 

Further analysis seems unnecessary. I’ll read Anne Perry next time I need reliable distraction.


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