A Trip to the Library – Part 3

Three weeks ago, I expressed my happiness at GETTING to the library after a long period of Kindle reading, and I listed the four books I brought home. I finished (and blogged about!) two of the books and wrote a third off as a bad choice. I was greatly enjoying the fourth when I realized it was a “two week book” and had to be returned. I decided to drop the books off on my way home from work.

Bad choice. It was 4:30. Traffic was heavy. I crept past the hospital, on the lookout for emergency vehicles. Past highway construction. Why was there a wood chipper part way out on the road? Traffic lights. Potholes. Turned in at the Library, but there was water across the driveway – bad drainage. I backtracked to another entrance, parked illegally and walked to the book drop. Bang, slam, gone. My trip home was the similarly unpleasant. Forty five minutes! I went on line and downloaded the Kindle version of the book I hadn’t finished.

Now hear this, Library! You are going to have to win me back. At least fix the driveway and put a book drop where I can pull up to it. I’ve become much more of a Kindle fan than I ever expected.


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