The Best Place in the World

The Best Place in the World

Don’t miss this post by a true bibliophile and library lover! (Is there a word for library lover?!) His experience of the Boston Public Library makes me want to move to that city. I’ve found the Free Library of Philadelphia to be a bit off-putting. There’s a great deal of security, and the room in which we have held discussions was uncomfortable, the bathroom situation just scary… I understand renovations are underway. I hope it won’t feel so embattled when they are complete. 


1 thought on “The Best Place in the World

  1. BPL struggles a little bit with things like bathrooms too. And I’ve seen mice. But all in all it’s a good pair of buildings, welcoming, with accommodating entrances and that sort of thing you don’t notice until you visit a place that hasn’t got it right.

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