A Trip to the Library – Part 2 – choosing books

My last post was a tangent… I meant to write about choosing books during my last trip to the Library. I finally went to the Library because, after a long stint of waiting for plumber in a building where (no kidding) the copper plumbing had been stolen, I really needed a bathroom. The Library seemed like a better bet than the local coffee shop. When I realized my schedule would actually permit me to loiter in the Library for 20 minutes, I was happy!

I started at the “New Fiction” shelf, and realized I have a problem choosing fiction! All kinds of things put me off. If something is part of a series, will I lose out because I’m starting in the middle? Is it “too violent”? (I’m a sensitive soul…) Too gritty? Stupid cover artwork? Yada, yada…

So what did I grab?

  • Courting Greta by Ramsey Hootman. (I shouldn’t limit myself to female authors.)
  • Moonrise – a novel by Cassandra King. But I wish the author didn’t feel a need to tell me it’s “a novel”. New York Times bestselling author?!
  • The Tudor Conspiracy – a novel by C W Gortner. (Groan!) I’m a sucker for this period of history. I’ve read tons of Philippa Gregory’s books. And basically, I know how it will end.
  • American Mirror – The Life and Art of Norman Rockwell. I practically grew up with Rockwell. Oh, the comfort of those Saturday Evening Post covers!

Biography has often been my reading salvation. When my brain isn’t up to “serious” nonfiction and I’m saturated with fiction or have been reading junk, biography will clear my head. I can put it down and pick it later if distracted. One thread I pursued was biographies of ballet dancers, like Gelsey Kirkland and Suzanne Farrell. (I wonder where they – the women, not the books – are now.) 

If YOU read one of the books I borrowed, what did you think? I’ll post about these books if I finish them.

Meanwhile, I’ve decided I need to get organized and start a list of recommended fiction. If you have a favorite book or author of fiction, please let me know!





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