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Guilty pleasures – “A Song of Ice and Fire” aka “Game of Thrones”

Recently I prepared for one of my infrequent airplane trips. I was pleased by the prospect of loading my Kindle and taking a dozen books while traveling “light” (always a relative concept). I browsed the Amazon Kindle store and made my selections.

Mine was a “working” trip. Not the same as traveling FOR work, but I was busy. So what did I read in my scant free time? Just one book, A Clash of Kings, book two of the “Game of Thrones” series. Many of my friends are hooked on the TV series, but I’m hooked on the books. Once I watched about five minutes of an episode. It looked like a standard “costume drama”. By now, having finished two of what I think is a six book series, I’m so involved with my own mental images for the characters and action that I don’t think I would enjoy someone else’s visual presentation. 

I do wonder how closely the books and TV episodes match. I mean, some of the action seems difficult for TV or a movie. The scene where the “priestess” gives birth to a shadow demon?? 

I have favorite characters (Jon Snow, Bran, Catelyn) and will even skip around to follow their stories. I can’t wait to find out what’s really going on beyond the Wall. I hope Tyrion turns out to be a good guy.

I won’t download the next book right away, but it’s great fun knowing it’s there for my future indulgence. I’ll have to watch what I read on Facebook, lest I find out too much too soon.