“Back to the Bedroom” by Janet Evanovich – beach reading!

I’ve got a soft spot for Janet Evanovich. After all, I live in New Jersey. Trenton, where she locates her long series of Stephanie Plum novels, is not exactly my “territory”, but business (NJ government) and pleasure (minor league baseball) get me there a few times each year.  It’s just as bad as she says.

“Back to the Bedroom” is set in Washington DC. Not as much fun. But the plot is pure boy-meets-girl romance and has plenty of laughs. Our heroine in an intense professional cellist, her neighbor a low key goofball who got rich by winning the lottery. Heroine finds time for life outside of music, neighbor has more on the ball than first appears, and love blossoms. 

When I want to relax, what else do I need?

For anyone who wants to go outside the familiar Stephanie Plum numbered series, in addition to “Back to the Bedroom”, I highly recommend “Visions of Sugar Plums”, JE’s Christmas novel. Hilarious!


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