Book source – filling in the gaps

Every once in a while, I realize I missed something! That’s why I’m reading Jane Austen’s Mansfield Park. I thought I’d read all her books, but suddenly found myself lost during a discussion of Mansfield Park. I quickly downloaded a Jane Austen collection onto my Kindle.  Has Mansfield Park been skipped in the recent spate of Jane Austen movies?

What other gaps do I have? I’ve read and/or watched lots of Shakespeare, but I’ve hardly touched the histories. I think I saw one of the Richards. I saw Henry the Fifth a few weeks ago, and felt lost. Big chunks of the tragedies are embedded in my brain (especially Hamlet’s soliloquies). I visualize the comedies in their wonderful BBC production versions. But the histories? Unknown territory. And what did I just find on my shelf? King John. King John?! Never heard of it. When someone mentions “obscure” works of Shakespeare, I think of Coriolanus. Some rainy day I will check out King John.

I’m behind on the popular literature of my own professional field (loosely, environmental management). I never read Silent Spring (Rachel Carson, 1962) or Since Silent Spring (Frank Graham, Jr., 1970). 

So many books, so little time!


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